Get the only 10 licks you'll ever need to master the lydian mode and add the "secret sauce" to your prog metal solos!



Each pack comes with 10 licks in which you can speed up or slow down while also synched up to the tablature and notation.


Each lick will be broken down into a lesson explaining the technique, harmony, and, visualization.


You can take home and even print out the tabs & notation. Make a book!


If you own Guitar Pro you can download the files. They can be played back, looped, and controlled for further study.


Download the backing tracks to practice the licks to or jam along to your own licks in that mode.

Ok, AJ. I have some questions...

is it included in the ShredFest Academy?

Yes! If you want access to this and all lick packs and you want to study and sharpen your skills just join the academy instead.

How long do I have access to the pack?

You get lifetime access to all pack purchased.

How do I access this pack?

Log in and go to your "my courses" section. You should see all of your purchased pack in this section. If you do not see your courses there, please contact me at and I can assist you further.

Is The lick pack only for professional players?

It's for anyone looking to improve or even become a professional guitarist. Give it your all and you'll start to see yourself transform instantly.

Does it matter what level I play at?

It's ALWAYS a great idea to push yourself. I'l break down each lick for you so that you never get lost.

Does the style I play matter?

This pack is in the style of progressive metal or shred. If you're into that great. If not you can still adopt knowledge for your style.

How long can I keep this pack?

Upon purchase you get the pack for life.

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