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Learn directly from the artist, Al Joseph or an expert in the group or one-one-one sessions and overcome barriers and creative plateaus.

We help rock/metal guitarists grow to the professional level right from the start.

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Private online community

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For professional level minded guitarists, looking to create a body of work and step into the advanced level.


Payment plans available.

Live calls & contests

30+ hours of video courses

Live stream database

Digital routine builder app

Private online community

Private chatroom coaching

Career Guitarist

For professional guitarists ready to take your personal brand to the next level and make money doing what you love.


Payment plans available.

Weekly calls with Al Joseph

Collaborations with Al Joseph

Live events in Los Angels

Private online community

Network of career guitarists

Networking with guitarpreneures

Over 5,000 people have used our courses, resources, and coaching strategies to help them do what they love.

Courses, Lesson Plans, and Resources

Enhance your creative skills, learn the art of guitar, and use proven career methods that work.

Speed Trainer Masterclass

Speed Trainer Masterclass

Guitar Harmony Masterclass

by Al Joseph

Fret Navigator Masterclass

by Al Joseph

Dynamic Touch Masterclass

by Al Joseph

Art of The Riff Masterclass

by Al Joseph

Tone Lab Studio

by Al Joseph

Drum Studio

by Al Joseph

Vocal Studio

by Al Joseph

Mix & Mastering Studio

by Al Joseph

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Recent Works


Improvisation Techniques

Rhythmic awareness has been at the core of musical creativity for centuries. Notes, modes, scales, and music theory are only 25% of the battle here.


"Crowned Royal" Official Video

His latest musical releases take you on a journey through time, from searing leads reminiscent of the melodic shred from the 80's to modern day heavy riffs in this instrumental epic.


AJ's New Signature Guitar

AL's latest collaboration with Kiesel Custom Guitars showcases his creative style outside of the music. His stylistic tastes in the aesthetics and ergonomics in guitar.

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