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Welcome to ShredFest Pro: The step-by-step blueprint and community designed help you skyrocket your results through a 30+ hour course curriculum.

Half courseware. Half community. It's all here.

A 30+ hour blueprint and community program designed to help you produce the results you've been looking for.

State-Of-The-Art Curriculum

An A-Z curriculum highlighting the fundamentals of technical proficiency, songwriting and music production.

Detailed Tutorials

AJ's prerecorded tutorials are taught with care. You'll feel just like he's in the room teaching you. That plus weekly lives.

PDF + Guitar Pro Downloads

Get access to downloadable materials that will help enhance your learning experience throughout the program.

Online Community

Interact and network with like-minded and motivated shred enthusiasts from all over the world, and win prizes.

Reach your full playing potential. Kill it on-stage and in-studio. Boost you creativity.

Refine and improve your playing with these 9 epic courses!

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Made for dedicated guitarists. Designed around your goals.

ShredFest Pro will help you get on track.

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AJ's Entire 9 Course Collection

Online Community

PDF + Guitar Pro Downloads

Course Updates



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AJ's Entire 9 Course Collection

Online Community

PDF + Guitar Pro Downloads

Course Updates

Will this work for me?

The ShredFest Academy courseware content was designed to completely optimize the guidance you'll receive straight from me as you utilize weekly live streams and private chat features. they are not required but will be offered weekly so that you'll get the personalized guidance you've been looking for!

What subjects will it cover?

The ShredFest Academy courseware content covers everything from Technique, Guitar Harmony (Theory), Fretboard Freedom, to music production and songwriting. Everything you'll need to know to master the art of guitar and even career advice!

Who is the ShredFest Academy for?

The ShredFest Academy is for ANYONE looking to increase the level of their skill. The more open-minded, the more dedicated you are, the higher you go!

How long do I have access to the full academy?

You get access to all current and future content on a yearly subscription.

How do I access this membership if I've already purchased?

If you purchased this academy curriculum, please log in and go to your "my courses" section. You should see all of your purchased courses in this section. If you do not see your courses there, please contact me at [email protected] and I can assist you further.

Is The SFA only for professional players?

It's for anyone looking to improve or even become a professional guitarist. Give it your all and you'll start to see yourself transform instantly.

Does it matter what level I play at?

Not at all. If you're a beginner then you're getting the knowledge it took me 6 years to many to even know was available at the time I started. If you're intermediate to advanced it's never too late to reposition yourself for world-class playing. Once again, the way we approach the fundamentals is what help players reach true master and not one of us are exempt from that possibility.

Does the style I play matter?

Not at all. This is about helping you master the fundamentals setting you up to become masterful in technique, harmony, visualization, songwriting, and even music production. A complete toolkit for your guitar journey. That's a promise.

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