Workshops & Masterclasses

Clear and practical teachings for intermediate guitarists looking to take their playing to professional levels fast. We've got you covered.



Pro Membership

AJ's epic Masterclass Collection for progressive guitarists and a community to help you grow fast.

VIP Membership

Daily expert coaching, community coaching, and expert tools you'll need to jumpstart your career.

Technical Skills

Speed Accelerator

Accelerate your technical proficiency by harnessing rhythmic devices that will help you develop an insane level of comfort, agility, and stamina.

Harmony & Visualization

String Theory

Unlock the key elements needed to eliminate guess work by connecting both theory and visualization. You’re going to master key aural concepts that will make you truly one with the guitar


Art of The Riff

Capture the essence of writing riffs, drum grooves, solos and musical passages. Take small ideas and turn them into beautiful music throughout this epic masterclass.

Music Production

Tone Lab Studio

Inside the tone lab masterclass you’ll uncover how to transfer real-world methods to your sound straight from your laptop by harnessing various cab, amplifier and microphone combinations.


Lydian Licks Collection

If you're looking to take a deeper look into the way AJ constructs his line in the Lydian mode then look no further. Assimilate his electric style through his very first lick collection.

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